A little more info than you want

People say my clients would like to know this stuff.

     Does anyone else find writing their biography for this kind of thing, to be difficult?

     Obviously I didn't start as a Real estate agent , so lets start at the beginning.

      Born In the Chicagoland area I Grew up in the south suburbs and remained there until 17.

     Moving on I graduated high school in a Little town called Metamora, didn't even have a stop light.   that was a culture shock for me, but in 1995 I ran off and joined the Air Force and that's pretty much where I remember life beginning.  

     I spent the first 8 Years as A Crew Chief (Aircraft Mechanic) on the F-15  then the last 16 as an F-16 Crew chief and am still currently with the 412 Aircraft maintenance squadron, at Edwards AFB.  

    Then to the realtor part.  I spent the last few years flipping houses (as a hobby) and quite honestly, got tired of paying realtors, so I got my license.  I found that, what started as something to save me money, has turned into a rewarding new career.  Taking the Core values that were beat into me since I was 18 has proved to be the greatest attribute to being a good agent.    Need to know more,  Let's do coffee and talk about home buying or selling goals...  

     I have a few kids  1 Biological offspring and 4 "Adopted" ones, they are all kind of a big deal to me.     2 Grandbabies and 3rd on the way.   

Was that short and easy enough?